Friday, 28 February 2014

Katy Perry 'Dark Horse' video ‘controversy’ edited over successful Muslims' online protests

NEW YORK: The controversy created after accusation and demonstration of Muslims around the World claiming as ‘blasphemy’ over Katy Perry’s newly released video ‘Dark Horse’ has been edited as the pendant has now been removed digitally.

The music video, which has grabbed more than 37 million views since its release on YouTube on February 20, has not been removed completely from the international video website but the pendant with name of ‘Allah’ has now digitally ‘vanished’ from the scene.

The famous US singer Katy Perry’s Dark Horse has recently came up online which sparked large-scale controversy as it shows burning of man wearing pendant with name of ‘Allah’; moreover, faced online petition demanding it be pulled from YouTube.

Before and After

It should be mentioned that most of the signatures in the petition made from Britain as well as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan.