Monday, 30 September 2013

Cameron expresses support for Muslim veil ban in UK schools

Al Arabiya: British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday he supports a ban on Muslim veils in the country’s schools.

His comments came amid controversy over Islamic schools in Britain imposing religious dress as the uniform for young girls, according to recent media reports.

In an interview with the BBC, Cameron said he would consider issuing new guidelines to judges, teachers and immigration officers specifying when they can ask women to remove their veils.

“We are a free country and people should be free to wear whatever clothes they like in public or in private,” Cameron said, clarifying that he does not object to women wearing the veil in public places.

On wearing the veil in schools, however, Cameron had a different viewpoint.

“In a school, it’s very difficult to teach unless you can look at your pupils in the eye.” Cameron added.
Cameron’s latest comments on the debate over the veil ban, follow a political row earlier this month over a decision by Birmingham Metropolitan College to ban veils.

The college was accused of discriminating against Muslims after ordering all students, staff and visitors to remove any face covering.

The institution backed down on its decision, however, after an oppositional petition attracted thousands of signatures. Read More ...