Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Time Management In Islam

If you Google “time management” on your browser, you’ll probably find anywhere between 10 to 20 Thousand articles, blogs and websites on the subject of managing your time. If you think that’s quite a lot of material for everybody who needs to know about time management, and why another article?

This article is about Islamic time management.

I know you are puzzled and wondering “How is time management in Islam different from other regular time management ideas? Read along and find out.

A Muslim time management doesn’t mean doing more and more work or doing multiple tasks at the same time. It’s about focusing on the tasks that matters and manage those tasks effectively for the betterment of both worlds; in this world and the next.

Why should a Muslim manage his time?

Islam is not just a set of rules and regulations regarding prayer and fasting, but it’s a total system of life which includes searching more ways to manage the time in order to achieve personnel productivity. Islam emphasizes on “high quality” rather than “high quantity”. Therefore, every Muslim should know why time management is essential in our lives.

1. Everything we have in this worldly life is a gift from Allah; so, does the time we have.  We should make an effort to use this priceless gift from Allah to improve our relationship with Him. In short, wasting time on useless activities is abusing the most valuable gift from Almighty Allah.

2. As a Muslim, we all believe that life is limited in this world, and we have been given a specific amount of breaths to use. Every breath is taking us closer to our death. So, to complete our worldly and spiritual tasks efficiently, we must have a good time management. Better time management can help you feel more relaxed, less stressed and focus on one task at a time.

3. Time management is very important to maintain a consistent life around Islam. Our sworn enemy; Shaytan will present us with plenty of distractions to make us put the good things off for later and eventually forget about it. However, with a well-organized time management around Islamic activities we can keep us away from procrastination; which is a powerful tool of Shaytan.

4. five times obligatory prayers are the most important duty of a Muslim’s daily life. Therefore, planning our day is inevitable to perform our prayers without any delays. “Busy” is not a valid excuse to put off Fardh Prayers to a later time. Always remember! Prayer can make a busy life easy, not vice versa.

5. One of the biggest regrets a man will feel at the time of his death would be about the time he wasted in useless stuff. He will be shown all his deeds, good and the evil as “Flash back”. If you need to avoid regrets on your death-bed, then you need to manage your time starting from now; no matter if you are a kid or an adult. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said the following regarding everyone who managed their time in this world to seek the pleasure of Allah.

“The Angels are present with one who dies,  and if a believer dies, they say,  ‘Come out,  good soul,  which was in the good body;  come out praiseworthy and be happy with rest and provision and a Lord Who is not angry.’   That continues to be said to it till it comes out.   It is then taken up to Heaven and the door is opened for it.  The angels are asked who this is and reply that he is so and so, whereupon these words are spoken: ‘Welcome, good soul,  which was in the good body; enter praiseworthy and be happy with rest and provision  and a Lord Who is not angry.” (Tirmidhi)

Ya Allah make us among the righteous people who manage their time to seek your pleasure and please grant us Jannathul Firdous!

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